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Drug Rehab Costa Mesa CA

Drug Rehab Costa Mesa CA

The Ho Tai Way is one of the leading facilities in drug addiction rehab, offering extensive medical services and recovery support. Our drug rehab in Costa Mesa, CA, is one of the most impressive holistic programs available today.

What is the holistic treatment?

The notion of ‘holistic’ refers to approaching any health problem through a more inclusive lens. In other words, we don’t address only the symptoms of the disease, but the causes and the wider range of effects as well. We treat the person, not the illness. When it comes to substance addiction, the rehab treatment will consider:

  • Your physical and mental status
  • The emotional stability and spiritual health
  • The social and familial triggers that may have contributed to the disease
  • The manifestations and causes of additional mental disorders like PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Your relationship with your family members and the people you love, etc.

The purpose of the holistic treatment is to address all the underlying causes of the addiction, allowing you to recover and remain sober long-term. Our system is one of the most effective to date, and it will change your life for good.

How does drug rehabilitation work?

The rehabilitation process will take you through several stages of rehab:

Thorough preliminary assessment – Extracting valuable information about your clinical profile, health status, and gather data about the severity of your addiction and the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Targeted detox – You will immediately begin the detoxification process if our clinician believes you need urgent medication to detox and eliminate the withdrawal.

Dual-diagnosis assistance – We offer dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders, which may consist of medication, therapy, counseling services, and permanent care and support.

Psychotherapy – Our drug rehab in Costa Mesa, CA, offers access to advanced psychotherapies and emotional support and healing services. These programs will reduce the psychological impact of the addiction and help you recover and remain stable and sober over the years.

Relapse prevention support – At our facility, you will learn how to remain sober over the years by adopting a healthier lifestyle and becoming a better version of yourself as time goes by.

Is drug addiction treatable?

Yes, it is. We still have no cure for substance addiction to this day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the relief and the freedom you’re looking for. Unlike other chronic disorders, chemical addiction is easier to manage, although it might not seem like it. The challenging part is completing the rehab treatment and acquiring all the knowledge you need to remain sober and prosper over the years.

From that point on, your mission will be simple – focus on your life-long goals and pursue your happiness with all your confidence and commitment. At our drug rehab in Costa Mesa, CA, you will learn the secret to rebuilding your life after addiction. The transformative process begins at our facility, but it will continue long after returning home to your family.

Contact us, at The Ho Tai Way, and let’s discuss about your problems and expectations! We will help you make an appointment, find an ideal, cost-effective payment plan, and begin the treatment asap.

Drug Rehab Costa Mesa CA
The Ho Tai Way
Drug Rehab Costa Mesa CA
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