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Therapists Branford

Therapists Branford

Center for NeuroPotential is a top-rated treatment center for counseling in Branford, CT. Our team of highly experienced therapists also offer neurofeedback sessions, where we train your brain to work more efficiently. Our therapists in Branford are some of the most sought-after trauma specialists and board-certified neurofeedback providers.

How does neurofeedback work?

Patients suffering from a variety of disorders like insomnia, autism, headaches, learning disabilities, anxiety, ADHD, etc., can benefit from neurofeedback sessions. Neurofeedback involves four steps: 

  • Clinical Interview - We meet with our clients and conduct a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, where we identify challenges and design a treatment plan based on their unique needs. In this stage, we use rating scales to record patient symptoms and to establish treatment goals.
  • Brain Mapping – We conduct a Quantitative EEG test to measure your brain wave activity and patterns. This helps us create a brain map, which plays a pivotal role in determining the type of brain activity that we want to reinforce. This acts as the base for designing a neurofeedback training protocol.
  • Train the Brain – We recommend patients to attend the neurofeedback training sessions at least thrice a week to get the best treatment results.
  • Our Branford anxiety therapists repeat QEEG after every 15 neurofeedback sessions to measure any changes in the brain. Based on the results, the training protocol will be changed or altered in future training sessions.

Applications of neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a non-drug alternative to treating mental disorders and helps enhance cognitive function. It is a reward-based training system, where a certified neurofeedback provider will use fast- and slow-moving brainwave protocol to train your brain.

It is a type of biofeedback therapy that helps change the electrical activity in your brain. It is highly effective in treating conditions like ADHD, ADD, anxiety, stress, depression, and sleep issues.

Best Branford psychologists and counselors

Our team of leading Branford adult therapists have changed the lives of several ADHD, anxiety, and depression patients with their neurofeedback and counseling services. Here is a gist on our top-rated treatment specialists:

  • Amy Palmer, Psy.D, BCN - Amy is a clinical psychologist and a skilled mental health care specialist with a Ph.D. in psychology. She is also a board-certified neurofeedback provider with several years of experience in helping patients cope with day-to-day issues, impaired cognitive ability, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, and grief.
  • Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, LPC, DCMHS, BCN - Deb is a people person and is an excellent guide to her patients. She has helped numerous patients heal from traumatic events. On top of that, she holds a diplomat status as a Trauma specialist and has completed certification courses in EMDR therapy. 
  • Maureen Tranquilli, LCSWi - Maureen is a licensed clinical social worker and therapist with over 17 years of experience in treating adults and teens suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD.

Come to the Center for NeuroPotential to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists in Branford. We offer a free 15-minute consultation for new clients with our expert Branford therapists.

Therapists Branford
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Therapists Branford
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